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At heart


Have fun

Independent band of communication & tech companies


playing it right

3 offices
in 2 countries

Prague, Bratislava
and Devin stages

7,3 mil €
in revenue


& technology

TRIAD Prague

Most innovative advertising agency in the Czech republic.
  • 30+ awards
  • Innovative agency of the year 2018 & 2019
  • Working for 17 countries

TRIAD Bratislava

Innovative creative and effective agency in Slovakia.
  • 100+ awards and effectivity awards
  • Agency of the year 2019, 2018
  • WARC top effective worldwide

Pros & Cons

Marketing and business consulting without bullshit.
  • Creative and independent professionals
  • From startups to corporations


Agile software developers with creativity in DNA
  • 15 FTEs
  • 10+ year of experience
  • Growth



Fast-growing SaaS tool to manage social media.
  • 100 fastest growing SaaS worldwide
  • 1000+ brands and agencies
  • 1 000 000 € ARR


Cloud-based ERP software for marketing agencies.
  • Know your financial state realtime
  • Saving up to 50 % of manual work
  • Built for agencies


SaaS Order management for gastronomy
  • From idea to launch in 1 month
  • Connecting marketing with e‑commerce
  • BRACKETS & TRIAD & Pros&Cons cooperation

smart vote

Mobile based voting system
  • Digitalization of voting process
  • Scalable and fast implementation
  • Tested by biggest local governments

Our frontmen

Individually strong, unbeatable together

Marek Mrázik
Marek Mrázik
CEO&Co‑founder at Devin Band

Marek loves to improve things. This talent combined with an analytical mind and tech skills makes him the guy who orchestrates our whole band. Born, raised, and living in Devin he is the biggest local patriot in the band. He plays piano and is a hobby woodcraftman.

Jaro Zacko
Jaro Zacko
Co‑Founder at Devin Band, CEO at

Jaro is the challenger. He never accepted the status quo which brings sometimes trouble, but more often a fresh perspective to our companies and clients. He lives also in Devin and is a songwriter in our band.

Martin Woska
Martin Woska
Co‑Founder & Creative strategy director at Devin Band

Most awarded advertising man in the country, Wosa brought the unique combination of business, creative and musical skill to the band. As he quotes, he does either 200% or nothing. Therefore nowadays he is training for an ultramarathon. He also lives in Devin and in his free time he plays electric guitar.

Martin Krajniak
Martin Krajniak
Head of Consulting, Devin band

Martin is making things grow – businesses, brands, ideas. Thanks to extensive client-side experience, clients love to talk to him and he loves to ask questions, connect the dots and bring what others do not see.

Petra Jankovičová
Petra Jankovičová
Co‑founder at TRIAD Prague

Petka founded the Czech office of TRIAD Advertising in her apartment. Her famous 7th sense combined with unbeatable people's love helped her to grow TRIAD Prague to the most innovative agency in the market. She plays piano and is a skilled gardener.

Maru Mitlíková
Maru Mitlíková
Managing director at TRIAD Bratislava

Maru grew with us from part‑time to the beloved leader of the most successful agency in Slovakia (5 times in a row). She loves tabletop games and karaoke.

Bohumil Pokštefl
Bohumil Pokštefl
CEO&Co‑owner at Kontentino

Bohus came to us as a trainee with big ambitions. He grasped the opportunity and skyrocketed the growth of Kontentino. Named 30under30 on Forbes list, his passions are motorbikes and protecting nature.

Pavol Perdík
Pavol Perdík
CEO&Co‑owner at BRACKETS

Pavol breaks all prejudices about introvert IT experts. Skilled freeride skier and party‑man, he is leading our flagship software company working for innovative clients. He can play drums on anything.

Matej Pechota
Matej Pechota
COO at

From account manager to project owner, Matej is steering our newest startup Allfred. As a former ski instructor and competitor, he always has to be the best in what he does. We have never seen him play any instrument.

Closing the marketing innovation circle

Our companies are well orchestrated to help you in every stage your business



  • research
  • market analysis
  • segmentation targeting
  • brand positioning
  • market rollout plan

goal oriented CREATIVITY

  • big ideas
  • creative concepts
  • strategic creativity
  • brand workshops
  • special solutions

businnes and transformation CONSULTING

  • brand consulting
  • business transformation
  • startup ideas validation
  • leaders mentoring
  • business consulting
  • digital transformation


  • reports
  • learning
  • optimization
  • kpis consulting

cutting edge INNOVATIONS

  • marktech
  • ai & big data
  • automation
  • custom tools
  • new way of

    • tv commercials
    • media creativity
    • print
    • digital & social media
    • media buying
    • influencers

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