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TRIAD Prague

Most innovative advertising agency in the Czech republic.
  • 30+ awards
  • Innovative agency of the year 2018 & 2019
  • Working for 17 countries

TRIAD Bratislava

Innovative creative and effective agency in Slovakia.
  • 100+ awards and effectivity awards
  • Agency of the year 2019, 2018
  • WARC top effective worldwide

Pros & Cons

Marketing and business consulting without bullshit.
  • Creative and independent professionals
  • From startups to corporations


Agile software developers with creativity in DNA
  • 15 FTEs
  • 10+ year of experience
  • Growth



Fast-growing SaaS tool to manage social media.
  • Awarded in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe
  • Proven to save 20 hours per month per user
  • Used by more than 2000 brands and agencies


Streamline your agency's operations for efficiency and profitability.
  • Integrates project, finance, and resource management
  • Automates tasks saving up to 30 % of manual work
  • Tailor made for Creative, PR and Production agencies

Craftable PRO

Rapid Laravel development for admin panels with enhanced security
  • Streamlined Laravel module generation
  • Fast track admin panel, CRM, or CMS creation
  • Advanced roles, permissions, and 2FA
  • Up to 30 % time savings in project start

Creative FastAid

Instant campaign idea generation tool enhancing nonprofit storytelling
  • 15 ideas from an AI model trained on common creative mechanics
  • All in a nice PDF presentation sent to your mailbox
  • Ideal for impactful storytelling in the nonprofit sector


Build complex backends effortlessly with AI‑powered NoCode technology
  • NoCode Platform for Agile Development
  • Build complex backends using plain English
  • No vendor lock‑in
Individually strong, unbeatable together
Marek Mrázik
Marek Mrázik
CEO&Co‑founder at Devin Band

Marek loves to improve things. This talent combined with an analytical mind and tech skills makes him the guy who orchestrates our whole band. Born, raised, and living in Devin he is the biggest local patriot in the band. He plays piano and is a hobby woodcraftman.

Jaro Zacko
Jaro Zacko
Co‑Founder at Devin Band, CEO at

Jaro is the challenger. He never accepted the status quo which brings sometimes trouble, but more often a fresh perspective to our companies and clients. He lives also in Devin and is a songwriter in our band.

Martin Woska
Martin Woska
Co‑Founder & Creative strategy director at Devin Band

Most awarded advertising man in the country, Wosa brought the unique combination of business, creative and musical skill to the band. As he quotes, he does either 200% or nothing. Therefore nowadays he is training for an ultramarathon. He also lives in Devin and in his free time he plays electric guitar.

Martin Krajniak
Martin Krajniak
Head of Consulting, Devin band

Martin is making things grow – businesses, brands, ideas. Thanks to extensive client-side experience, clients love to talk to him and he loves to ask questions, connect the dots and bring what others do not see.

Petra Jankovičová
Petra Jankovičová
Co‑founder at TRIAD Prague

Petka founded the Czech office of TRIAD Advertising in her apartment. Her famous 7th sense combined with unbeatable people's love helped her to grow TRIAD Prague to the most innovative agency in the market. She plays piano and is a skilled gardener.

Maru Mitlíková
Maru Mitlíková
Managing director at TRIAD Bratislava

Maru grew with us from part‑time to the beloved leader of the most successful agency in Slovakia (5 times in a row). She loves tabletop games and karaoke.

Hana Novakova
Hana Novakova
CEO at Kontentino

Hanka is an unstoppable force in our band, driven by her love for mountains, nature, and free skiing. Her passion for the outdoors fuels her dedication to excellence in operations and customer success, making her an invaluable asset to our band.

Pavol Perdík
Pavol Perdík
CEO&Co‑owner at BRACKETS

Pavol breaks all prejudices about introvert IT experts. Skilled freeride skier and party‑man, he is leading our flagship software company working for innovative clients. He can play drums on anything.

Matej Pechota
Matej Pechota
COO at

From account manager to project owner, Matej is steering our newest startup Allfred. As a former ski instructor and competitor, he always has to be the best in what he does. We have never seen him play any instrument.

Dan White
Dan White

Based in London, Dan is an experienced Brand consultant and author of The Smart Marketing Book. He has contributed to the growth of many of the world’s most successful brands thanks to his 30 years of guiding companies in brand development and marketing activation. His main areas of expertise include Brand Strategy, Brand Equity Development, Creative Development, Media Strategy, Workshopping and many more. He approaches tough challenges with enthusiasm, optimism and good humour and looks forward to helping you rise to yours.

Jucia Jaramillo
Lucia Jaramillo

Based in Colombia, Lucia is a purpose-driven problem solver passionate about innovation, sustainability and design. Using design and creativity as tools for uncovering insights, she translates human needs into compelling innovation opportunities that deliver sustainable business outcomes. Lucia loves psychology and behavioral science and continually deep dives into what drives people in making decisions.

Anirban Ganguly
Anirban Ganguly

Based in Malaysia, Anirban is a Innovation360 Licensed Innovation Management Black Belt™️ Practitioner focussed on designing customer experiences that fuel business growth, increase consumer demand, garner a greater share of wallet, and brand affinity that competitors envy. 20 years of diverse operational and leadership experience, across APAC, EMEA leading and coordinating local teams. As a leader with an obsessive focus on building customer/ brand value, he has both a macro and micro mindset which allows him to decide with speed and deliver reliably. Founder of Koios Consult, a boutique innovation strategy, business design and brand consulting firm that operates at the cusp innovation, technology and customer.

Nigel Hollis
Nigel Hollis

Based close to New York, Nigel’s understanding of how strong brands build revenue and profit is founded on 40 years experience as a consumer insight practitioner. He has worked with a wide variety of brands in many different categories and countries. Nigel is a widely published author, winner of the 2015 Berry AMA-Book Award for the Best Book in Marketing, and a four-times winner of WPP’s Atticus Award for original thinking in marketing services. Nigel focuses on brands, media and marketing communications, advertising effectiveness, effective brand building and activation.

Jesse Dienstag
Jesse Dienstag

Based in Chicago, Jesse is an experienced strategy leader, speaker, and Effie judge. He currently heads the U.S. strategy department for a Top 10 global PR agency. He has been lucky (and smart) enough to work in Ad agencies, PR agencies, and client-side, with inspiring Effie and Cannes Lion-winning teams, driving sales, creatively solving problems, and changing fixed behavior. He geeks out on all kinds of research and data. He has been distilling consumer culture for brands and weaving truths & insightful thinking into positioning, strategies and innovations for 20 years.

Lital Frankel
Lital Frankel

Based in Israel, Lital is CMO of the largest mobile app in her country. She lead global marketing operations, directed strategy and fostered innovation for top brands & companies. Has vast understanding in consumer behavior, big data, marketing research and product development. Proven track record of hands-on experience in building and managing complex international eCommerce platforms.

Tania Peres
Tania Peres

Based in Sydney, Tania is a senior marketer experienced in brand management, strategy development and business planning. With over 16 years working within the Entertainment industry, she is equal parts creative and analytical using data-driven insights to inform decision making whilst challenging the status quo to deliver new and exciting brand experiences. She is a passionate mentor and enjoys working on cross functional teams and collaborating with peers on projects.

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